AngryWorms io

The system of gameplay in AngryWorms io game is built on popular and well-known principles. Angry Worms io rules are typical for many snake games. Eat, grow and kill the enemies. To increase the mass of the character in Angry Worms, you need to collect a multicolored food. And of course, as in all similar games, much more benefit and gain to the mass is given by eating the remains of a defeated competitor. Naturally, before you eat your opponent you need to win. The rules of victory are also standard and will not be a surprise to anyone – the character dies from a collision. Still the weak point is the head of a snake. You can not ram your opponent’s body.

Playing field is very similar to the famous game of Slither io, but the look of the characters in AngryWorms io is different. The dynamics of movement and the specifics of control also differ markedly from similar games. The game Angry Worms io is newer and created using new gaming technologies. For users, this is expressed in the low requirements for the gaming device.

The Game: Angryworms

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